Building Teacher-flats and Conference Center in Cluj

At the end of the ’90s, for raising the quality of Hungarian-language university education, the Foundation for School has initiated a complex project for constructing a building-complex in Cluj that would host a modern vocational center and teacher-flats.

Although a common place, the existence of faculties and departments providing competent, prepared and high level education that meets all modern expectations, and those of background institutions such as vocational centers are indispensable in organizing and raising qualitatively the Hungarian-language education in Romania. For achieving this goal there is need for two important issues: firstly a modern educational and background-institution network that assures the raising of education quality, secondly well-prepared young lecturers with good professional abilities. The largest university and cultural center of Transylvania still lacks a complete background-institution network that would properly answer the provocation of a high-quality education. For solving or at least attenuating this problem the Foundation for School has initiated a project titled “Building Teacher-flats and a Vocational Center for Developing University Education in Cluj”.

The real estate to be built would provide place and infrastructure for further education, will host a conference center for professional reunions, a multifunctional hall equipped with modern technology, and will make possible the settling of 21 young lecturers at Cluj. The initiative of the foundation is very much patronized by the Hungarian intellectuals of Cluj.

The real estate is placed on a plot of 1064 m2 and its usable surface is of 2027 m2, out of which the conference hall has 165 m2 and the multifunctional lecture hall equipped with modern technology 35 m2. The rest of the usable surface is for the administration of the building, 21 teacher-flats (14 studio apartments, 7 two-roomed flats) and 2 guest-rooms.

Construction works started in spring 2004; the handing over of the building complex will take place in the second half of 2007. The amount of the total investment exceeds 1.2 million EUR, paid from sponsorship and private financial sources. The sponsors are the Apáczai Public Foundation and the Fatherland Fund.