Establishing the Foundation and its Goals

The Curatorial Board of Foundation for School (registered with a head office in Cluj) started its activity on April 1996. The County Court of Cluj has registered the foundation as a corporate body under the 1996/76/PJ mark.

Its founder is the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania, represented by Mr. Csaba Takács.
The main goals of the foundation are:
- supporting the forming of a modern and competitive education in mother-tongue, organizing and enforcing the Hungarian educational network;
- making possible the education and further education of teachers for ensuring a quality teaching and pedagogy;
- creating financial background for according merit and social grants for pupils and students;
- building a proper infrastructure for introducing modern educational technology;
- supporting the forming and functioning of independent Hungarian-language educational institutions;
- supporting the creation of suitable working and living conditions for ethnic Hungarian teachers in Romania.

For achieving these community goals and supporting the education, the Foundation for School desires to assure a suitable financial background. This is done by the means of an income resulting from the proceeds of the debuting social capital and donations, on one hand, and submitting applications to institutions and foundations that – in their turn – support the Hungarian education in Transylvania, on the other hand. The foundation is also the manager in administrating different Hungarian financial resources.

Since its establishing, the activity of the foundation is aided by the Foundation for School at Kolozsvár with its head office in Budapest, which is an organization of public utility that collects Hungarian funds for Transylvanian education. One of these funds would be 1% of the personal income tax offered by any person as a donation.