Ten years ago the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (DAHR) has established the Foundation for School, an institution called upon to sustain first of all the Hungarian-language education in Romania. It was a social claim for a foundation that would guarantee the fulfillment of long-term strategies for Hungarian students, teachers and institutions founded on territories with ethnic Hungarian communities beyond the borders, working efficiently especially in adverse political conditions.

The main priorities were to provide social grants and create a suitable financial background for establishing institutions. At the beginning there were only a few hundred grants; by this time there are several thousand ethnic Hungarian students and pupils aided with a humble but essential grant. The foundation has assisted in founding institutions in the diasporas from Sighişoara, Cleja and Vulcan, and provided hundreds of multimedia and office instruments for schools and faculties Transylvania-wide.

Couple of years ago an old dream has been fulfilled; since then the foundation has the possibility to support not only students, but also university staff and teachers lecturing in Hungarian. Due to the Act LXII of 2001 on Hungarians Living in Neighbor Countries more than 100,000 underage Hungarian pupils benefit from the educational aid.

During the last decade, the Foundation for School has proven equal to its tasks and goals. Questions as supporting the remaining in the country or education in mother-tongue are still topical. At this very moment, preceding the EU joining – a moment characterized by a real competition among autochthon and European educational institutions – helping talented Transylvanian youngsters becomes more ardent, because they are a guarantee for increasing the competitiveness of Hungarians from Transylvania, which is indispensable for social modernizing.

That goal calls for individual and communal union, sacrifices, spiritual co-operation and a will for changing. For the coming years the Foundation for School will continue to be a partner for that cause.

Hunor Kelemen