Infrastructural Development of Hungarian-language Educational Institutions from Romania

In the frame of this program the Foundation for School has a mediating role, as the whole program was announced by public foundations from Hungary (Illyés Public Foundation and Apáczai Public Foundation).

In the 1996-2005 period, for the sake of a modern and competitive Hungarian-language education in Romania, the Illyés Public Foundation has invited the Foundation for School to organize a competition and provide the winners with 185 multimedia computers, 116 video players, 114 color TVs, 91 copy machines and many other office tools needed for a proper education.

The program initiated by the Teacher Training Institute of the University Babeş-Bolyai Cluj-Napoca is of the same grant category, managed by the Foundation for School. The goal of the program was to inaugurate a modern practicing laboratory for educational theory in Cluj. It was carried out by the financial support of the Apáczai Public Foundation.

Finally, one has to mention the aid of 275 million ROL offered in 1998 to the Gaudeamus Foundation of Sighişoara that was used to buy a real estate suitable for a college for the ethnic Hungarian community around Sighişoara. The diaspora’s college was meant to host lodging and educational spaces for pupils willing to study in Hungarian language.

There is a particular feature of programs managed by the Foundation for School and aiming at the development of Hungarian-language education in Romania: the purchased equipment and objects remain the property and enter the inventory of the foundation. They are offered to certain educational institutions (such as primary and secondary schools, university departments, educational background-institutions and foundations) for eternal handling.