Other Aids

During its one decade of existence, beside the above-mentioned grants, the Foundation for School has initiated and managed many other programs meant to increase the quality of Hungarian-language teaching in Romania and its competitiveness, and to raise the living conditions of teachers.

It also supported financially with a considerable amount the education on the territories with ethnic Hungarian communities abroad, and created the possibility of further Hungarian-language education for children living on these territories by offering them grants (supporting the college expenses of children from Rodna studying at Miercurea-Ciuc, or covering the daily traveling expenses to/from the school of pupils living in diaspora). In 1999, for supporting the Hungarian-language education in the Jiul Valley, the foundation bought a two-roomed flat in a prefab house, and offered it free of charge to professors, teachers and kindergarten teachers working in Vulcan.

In 1998, as premonitory signs for the “Building Teacher-flats and Conference Center in Cluj” program, the Foundation for School has granted the Bolyai Society with an amount of 115 million ROL, which made possible the acquisition of a three-roomed flat in Cluj that can be rented by teachers lecturing in the town without a lodging possibility.

The foundation has organized and supported numerous conferences on education and educational politics. Twice, it organized conferences on educational politics; each time an important topic was debated about Hungarian-language education in Romania. First time the main topic was the education on territories with ethnic Hungarian communities abroad, the second time the Hungarian-language educational network in Romania. Lectures of both conferences were published under the title School and Diaspora (Foundation for School, Cluj, 2001) and The Future of Hungarian-language Education in Romania (Foundation for School, Cluj, 2003).

During its activity of one decade, beside the above-mentioned programs, the Foundation for School has supported many other projects, programs and individual requests that cannot be ranked in any of the mentioned categories, and, for lack of space, cannot be detailed in this introduction, but are important for Hungarian-language education in Romania.