Scientific Conference of Hungarian Students in Transylvania

From the first moment, realizing the importance of this program – which gives place and opportunity for the Hungarian-language university students from Romania to present their scientific achievements, to compare their knowledge and meet fellow researchers from the same field of science – the Foundation for School had an optimistic approach towards the invitation of the National Hungarian Student Association (NHSA), and took over the financing of the third prize. The aim of the conference organized by the NHSA is to be a mustering and appreciating forum for the scientific results of the best students and pupils, to sustain and recognize the participants of students’ research activity, including university staff and researchers, but most of all gifted students.

In the present there are five Transylvanian university centers lecturing in Hungarian that host scientific conferences of students (SCS) for five different professional fields. Cluj organizes the SCS of Humanities and Sciences, Târgu Mureş the SCS of Medicine, Oradea the SCS of Environmental and Agrarian Sciences, Braşov the SCS of Forestry and Timber Industry and Timişoara the SCS of Technical Sciences.

Since 2003, the foundation provides from private sources the third prize for the SCST. More than 200 students were awarded with a prize ranging from 500,000 to 1,000,000 ROL.